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Kakin(aeterne), Singer

Our very first album was mixed by Shiyun and we have to say he was such a lifesaver! Being so inexperienced, we ran into countless problems and issues while producing. He not only was knowledgeable and answered every question we raised from recording to pressing, but also strived to deliver quality sound which well exceeded our expectation. Couldn’t have done it without him. Amazing work!!

Uekawa Riichi(Last Number), Songwriter

I'm the kind of songwriters who always  hate arranging and production, so I reached Shiyun for help. He not only delivered awesome production and mixes that keeps loyal to my original artist intent, but also he always brought something new to the table. I didn' know that my song could sound so good. And finally, I can enjoy songwriting again! 

雷雨心, Singer

 Shiyun is an amazing guitar player and producer who is professional in techniques and is creative in music making.   He is very easy to work with as well. It is so impressive that he always has the work done with efficiency, high quality and patience.  I really enjoy the collaboration with him, from which I’m  inspired and gain more understanding of music. He is the musician you can definitely rely on and work with. 




42pm - Producing/Arranging/Mixing/Mastering
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子子の歌 - Producing/Arranging/Mixing/Mastering
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I'm Not Dead Yet - Mixing
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致海里 - Producing/Arranging/Mixing/Mastering
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Dream Girl - Mixing
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Cruel Summer - Mixing
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